Azadeh Monjezi aka  Azi Monjezi is a mother, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.She is also the host of Azi Talk Show and an influencer in holistic life style.

Azi Monjezi jewelry has become one of the fastest growing online jewelry stores since started in 2010. Known for its quality, uniqueness and what they stand for and that is Violence Against Women Globally. 

We are selling in over 7 countries and have over 150k followers on Social Media.

Allure Couture Jewelry is also a Trade Marked Collection by Azi Monjezi Jewelry is a handmade Italian brand with one of the top high- quality, high-demand, trendy and fashionable custom jewelry in the market today.

We sell high quality custom jewelry at prices everyone can enjoy.

Our pieces are  suitable for all fashion lovers, statement makers,  Brides and who live to make a statement at all times- casual or dressy, day or night. Many products are limited edition so we advice you to get the piece you like as soon as you set your eye on it because you may never see it again .

Azi chooses only the best for her clients ❤️