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Idol Earrings

Idol Earing

“ Make a bold statement by wearing a piece of history, be you!“

Enhance your style with our exquisite "Idol" Earrings, a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and sustainability. Azi Monjezi Jewelry proudly presents a line of vegan-friendly earrings meticulously handcrafted from sustainable paper paste, allowing you to express your individual style while making an environmentally conscious choice.


بی همگان به سر شود بی تو به سر نمی شود
داغ تو دارد این دلم جای دگر نمیشود

دیده عقل مست تو چرخه چرخ پست تو
گوش طرب به دست تو بی تو به سر نمی شود

ساخته شده از پاپیه ماشه خمیر کاغذ

  • Made of recycled Paper Paste, called Papier Mache
  • Hand made
  • Vegan
  • Made of paper paste
  • Sustainable
  • Light to wear

Know more about Azi Monjezi Earing features:

  1. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each pair of "Idol Earrings" is lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and a truly one-of-a-kind appeal.

  2. Vegan-Friendly: At Azi Monjezi, we are committed to ethical and cruelty-free fashion. Our "Idol earrings" are entirely vegan, aligning seamlessly with your values.

  3. Sustainable Elegance: We take pride in reducing our environmental footprint. By utilizing sustainable paper paste, our earrings exemplify our dedication to eco-conscious fashion.

  4. Feather-Light Comfort: Say goodbye to cumbersome earrings that weigh you down. Our "Idol Earrings" crafted from paper paste are exceptionally lightweight, providing all-day comfort.

  5. Unique Style Statement: The distinctive texture and patterns of paper paste give birth to a captivating and one-of-a-kind style statement. Prepare for engaging conversations wherever you showcase your "Idol Earrings".

Make a statement with jewelry that not only embodies beauty but also resonates with your principles. Embrace the elegance of handcrafted, vegan, and sustainable "Idol Earrings" that are as gentle on you as they are on the planet. Elevate your style with Azi Monjezi Jewelry.

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